Ballpit is a self-initiated project, based around the goal to playfully re-interpret a commonly known organisation method: the "Todo-List". My initial idea was to bind the concept of the "Todo" to a visual object, which would accompany each task throughout its lifecycle. Heavily inspired by Google Creative Lab's Activity Bubbles (2020), I decided to implement physical balls that would pile up as the user adds more tasks to a list. The overall design is aimed at being easy to grasp, brutalist, and fun.
Tools • Vue.js, Matter.js & Firebase
Github Repository • here
Live App • here
User Interface
Ballpit's minimalist interface follows a thought-out grid that allows the design to dynamically respond to different screen-sizes whilst preserving a consistent appearance. Apart from the error messages, all text, and lines follow a monotone palette, which creates a clear contrast to the colorful Ballpit in the background. Across the UI, Ballpit uses subtle animations in response to interaction, which allows for a balanced user experience.
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